Mixing old fashion service with an imaginative mind, Millie's Farms is not your traditional farm. We specialize in quality pasture raised hogs to ensure a quality product, making us the destination for people from around the block and beyond.

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Wholesale USDA Pork

      Pork sold by 1/2 and Full

       Custom butchering & Smoking done by Millie's Farms

      $2.65/lb Hanging Weight (includes breakfast sausage)

      Additional Capabilities

             Custom Butchering $0.65/lb Hanging Weight

             Patties: $1.25/lb (Minimum of 10lbs)

             Cased Products: $2.00/lb (Minimum of 10lbs)

             Smoked Products: $1.25/lb


If paying with Credit/Debit Card there will be a 3% Service Charge