Mixing old fashion service with an imaginative mind, Millie's Farms is not your traditional farm. We specialize in quality breeding to ensure quality products, making us the destination for people from around the block and beyond.

Looking for USDA Individual retail cuts please visit our Market

Custom Exempt Beef

      Beef sold by 1/4, 1/2 and Full

     Custom butchering done by Millie's Farms Market

     $3.65/lb Hanging Weight

     Additional Capabilities

         Patties: $1.00/lb (10lb Minimum Order)

         Cased Products $2.00/lb (10lb Minimum Order)

     All cuts are vacuumed sealed (including Burger)

** All weights and final cost are estimated. This price includes butcher fees, if ordering 1/4 of beef it will be a standard cut.